Chill Out Massage Therapy

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Remedial Massage

Take Care Of Your Own Wellness by booking in on a regular basis for a remedial massage. It can help with stress from work or every day life and restore strength and mobility in muscles and joints. It's like pushing the reset button! You feel like a refreshed individual and ready to face the busy week ahead.Your friends and family will thank you for it. You can choose from a wide range of massage balms based from beeswax and pure essential oils, that i have purchased from New Zealand. Aromatherapy is used in your treatments for the healing and calming properties they possess, so all your senses are feeling balanced when you leave the treatment room.

Pregnancy Massage

For You and Baby the best gift to give yourself is a pregnancy massage. Using a unique Pregnancy Blend preparation, you know it is safe to use for all skin types, to ensure you remain relaxed, yet still feel the stretch and pull on tired muscles. Aromatherapy diffusers are using pure essential oils from New Zealand to enhance the relaxation process for you both. The treatment is usually a 60 minute one combining side lying to reach hips, legs and back, as well as lying on your back to reach neck and chest areas, with lots of fluffy pillows for comfort.


Just what you need and the beginning or end of your treatment, some much needed work on your feet and ankles for any swelling or puffiness you may have. The treatment is firm and will help rid the body of toxins, by pressing on specific points to clear blockages. You will feel the results straight away and feel awakened and full of energy. Don't be shy if you have unusually large toes or are ticklish or any other foot phobias, we have seen all sorts of foot issues and your comfort is important to us, and its not about the look, but the way you feel afterwards that matters most.