Chill Out Massage Therapy

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Melton South, Victoria 3338

Chill Out Massage Therapy

How it began

After many years of study in Christchurch, New Zealand, I was thrilled to begin my business Chill Out Massage Therapy. My aim was to provide a service to clients that was caring and informative and give the results they were seeking for their inner wellness. I am there with you along your journey to help you get the improvement you are looking for, whether it is less back and shoulder pain, less swelling in the legs, less stress in your life, help you with sleep or fatigue issue, we can work on it together.

The products I use are sourced from New Zealand and are based on 100% pure essential oils. Some subtle blends are used in Aromatherapy by way of a steam diffuser to ensure your senses and lifted and you feel totally relaxed. The massage balms I use are also blended with pure essential oils and are beeswax based for greater drag and massage qualities. These come in a range of varieties to suit men and ladies, as well as a pregnancy blend that is safe for mums and babies.

What we can offer you

From  a range of services, you are certain to find a treatment that suits you. From remedial, that works on soft tissue injuries that work with and across the muscle fibre, gently stretching the fascia, skin rolling and moving it back into a less hypertonic state. Or you can have relaxation, a gentle flowing Swedish style massage without the deeper tissue work that is less invasive. Bowen therapy is another favourite, worked on dry skin to release large muscle groups before massage and works across the muscle fibre generally. Pregnancy massage for expectant mums, more on that in our services section. Reflexology, acupressure, Reiki, energy balancing and Schuessler Tissue Salt Therapy. These can be incorporated into your massage session as required to suit your needs.

Why Us?

Being fully qualified as a remedial massage therapist,I am also qualified for private health rebates if you are needing to claim on your private health insurance. I hold a Diploma in Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy for Schuessler Tissue Salts, a diploma in Eastern Holistic Therapies and completed studies in Bowen Therapy, Infant Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, WA Bush Flower Essences, and Reiki I and II to name a few. So you are in expert hands.